Low Orbit Ion Cannon V4 Advanced upgrade

Hey Guys first post woo anyway ive been working on anti airs and timebombs and stuff even made a mini ion noob cannon but then it hit me wdh lets make a epic ion cannon better than any ones on garrys mod…4 days later and 17 redbulls i mounted the last lazor on to this bad mo fo.

It has one basic laser, 9 epic lazors ,4 360’ air to air/air to npc/ air to player defense systems, a anti crash system
auto tracking orbit mode, auto track target stationary mode and working on pill box with 9 killbox amramm
wire guided missiles i made this bad boy with wire,phx,laser stool,and alot of work every part was made by me every wire every weld so i hope you guys like it heres a few more pics of it =D


Btw Im open for suggestions on how to make this more epic maybe a bomb bay or anything just comment below i wanna make this thing awsum :stuck_out_tongue:

A bunch of lasers, wire and PHX. Basic stuff, could be better.

Can’t forget the fact you tried to make it ‘better’ with photoshop.

Um? like? and my photo shop is epic so rawr

It just seems to be a flat plate, made entirely with PHX, spammed with some lasers and the odd turret.

The automation sounds interesting but it needs a video to show that. If the contraption’s main selling points are based on what it does in the game, pictures alone aren’t going to cut it.

Make it into something that’s not just a flat plate. Maybe a walkable interior or something. And use an E2 rather than a load of gates on those turrets.


Not really, looks like you just took a screenshot and mucked around with the filters.

Im not very good with e2 and i was working on a walkable interior lol i had tto start from scratch but its ok and i have a youtube vid in the works and photoshop is just filters anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good, I’ll look out for that video.

Hey i need help whats wrong with this

(Timer==30) {Explosive=1}

Its for the self distruct on the cannon it just goes past 30 and dosent blow up :confused:

I don’t like it. There’s no actual design shape to it and it’s all flat. Next time put more effort into the model and effects.

Oh and there’s a contraption forum where you can get better criticism.


if (Timer==30) 
else {

I don’t think that bracket after the else goes there.

Lol nvm wasent armed lol

It can be either way.

I could have sworn you had both. Did you edit it out?

Unless you mean the two left brackets that I had in the else line.

Hey anyone mind teaching me a tad bit on how to e2 a X/Y axis turret? im just learning and could use the help all i find on google and youtube is stupid little doors and timers e2 is sorta like C++

#Include <iostream>
#Include <math>

cout >> “name”
cout >> 1= “1”
cout >> “your name”
Cout >> lol forgat rest dam lol


Btw working on making it more 3d and the lazor looks like a short telescope now used the old wiring and

added more friction and lowerd thruster values to make it more slower and dramatic :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you ever visit the contraptions section??? If he would’ve posted this there, he would’ve got flamed to death. That section is full of elitist bastards, he’d better stay away.

what the hell is this…

I saw a YouTube video with something like this.

It used a Laser Pointer to tell it were to go, and when it got to it’s target location, lasers (actually, they could have been Rangers, not sure) on the side panels would turn on, and then move towards the center panel.

When they got to the center, the Ion Cannon (it’s an addon) would fire.

There is another video of the same thing, but it dropped Fusion Bombs instead of firing an Ion Cannon.


I posted my turret there and on the Wire forums.

Wire forums (while they have a tendency to be dicks to me) said “Hey, that ain’t bad. Yeah, it’s a little funky, but it works.”

Contraption Forum here: “What the hell? That’s fucking UGLY. I don’t care what it is, it’s not pretty enough.” (I design things based on functionality, because why make it pretty if it doesn’t work?)

I agree with that design philosophy. I’d much rather see an ugly contraption that does something interesting than a boring pretty contraption that does nothing.

After all, that’s why we play video games. It’s more interesting than staring at pretty pictures.

Those “elitist” can actually give good criticism as long as you can take the harshness. I got much better at building by posting my contraptions in that section.