Low performance problems.


Yesterday bought Rust becouse I was pretty sure that It should be working fine since I can play good games like Bf3, medal of honor.
Specifications are also good enough for game like Rust, but still it runs at ~15-20fps on lowest settings. Are there any tips how to improve performance?


that is it dude, i have a i7 2.4, 8 gb ram, GT630m and same fps as you… and sometimes its drop to 9… i think there is nothing that we can do… just wait for some optimizations…

getting a better video card is one way to go atm.

They have laptops.

I have Optimus video card system in my laptop with two video cards. One is integrated Intel 3000 and when I start games it automatically switches to Geforce. Not sure but maybe it’s possible to upgrade that geforce card to better mobile geforce.

Maybe thats the problem, it aint switching. Could that be? since rust runs in browser maybe your laptop doesnt see it as a game and the Geforce isnt activated.

Just a guess…

That makes sense, I have an Optimus laptop as well. I can’t remember exactly how (I’ve not used it in ages) but I’m pretty sure you can set it up to switch to your Nvidia GPU when you open your browser (basically make it switch when the exe is launched).

Yes, this seems to be the problem. In Nvidia control panel I can chose what programs I want to use with Intel or Geforce. It allows me to chose most of them, but not Firefox (broweser I’m using to play Rust). It simply stays default as ‘Integrated Graphics’. I guess gaming laptops will be able to play Rust only if it uses own .exe file. Should better make suggestion now…
Thank you for help guys.