Low pop west server! Up and running!

A Rust Community / Server
Rust Server IP: Hit F1 Then type net.connect

Visit: therustnest.hfbsite.com for forums

Wiped 21 Jan 2014!!

Fresh new server as of the 21st of January. RUST++ add-on include doorshare, private messaging,

We are fair admins and we made this server to rise above the community servers and their malicious admins banning for such things as destroying, killing, or raiding anyone including the admins legitimately. Any possible cheaters will be investigated and banned with enough proof to keep our server clean.WE ENCOURAGE LARGE GROUPS AND CLANS TO JOIN, WE WANT GOOD COMPETITION.

Feel free to join, we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Summary of Features
-Starter kit
-Active admins always on duty
-100 player slots
-Server Events in the future
Server Rules

  • No racism, flaming, cheating, exploiting

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - Swebonny))

Uhh… the forums are empty? There is nothing but a free downloaded forum template there?

Not only that…this is the wrong place to post this.