Low Quality Models

I reinstalled GMod onto my new computer the other day, after some time away. I fully downloaded GMod, HL2, EP1, EP2, TF2, Portal, CS:S, etc, and everything is working fine, except for a couple things. My models from HL2+EP1/2, TF2, CS:S etc seem to be of a very low quality. I have every graphical setting on Max in and model LOD is -1. Downloaded props (PHX, the Wire ones etc) all look fine. Here’s what a couple of the props look like. I notice in console when I spawn a jeep it refers to it as ‘props_vehicles_jeep_old,’ what’s the ‘old’ part about? Everything works fine on my desktop. (This is my laptop)

Specs are:
-Intel Core i3 M350 @ 2.27GHZ
-ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5450 Series
-2gb Kingston (I think) DDR3 RAM
-OS is Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Addons I have are:

Any ideas on what the hell to do? On my desktop the models look 100% fine.

You Are A Pirate!

steam = download client, you shouldn’t assume piracy just by “downloaded”

If you had a look at my steam page you’d realise that I own GMod :shivdurf:

Do your TF2 ragdolls look like this?


No, no they do not


Someone didn’t fully read the OP :frog:

You kind of snuck the link in there. :ninja:

For those who can’t read:

Have you tried extracting the models from their respective GCFs?

And where would I put the models I pull out of the cache files?

Your gmod folder

Have you tried starting all of the games?

Well, I’ll pull everything out of the materials folder in the GCF’s of the games, and whack them into the gmod materials folder. Hope it works :buddy:


Yep, every game starts fine and uses the high-quality models.