Low-Quality Text

Hello! For some long time, my text, like spawnlist, settings, chat and so on, have been blinking for no reason. Turns from a high-quality looking like, into a low-quality, my settings are set high, and the computer is well medium, can launch F4 in high settings, BF4 in Ultra, e.t.c
Some people are saying its a problem with NVIDIA Application, but I don’t really think so. Can someone help me? It just makes my eyes feel very un-comfortable and just hurts too look at the blinking texts.
Here’s the video.
Its not something up with my monitor, you can clearly see in the video that is happening right in the game.

Have you tried the basic fixes such as verifying game files, re-installing and restarting Steam yet?

I tried all of them before I asked for help here, but I’ll try it

It never hurts to try, let us know if it still occurs after.

Just did it, everything’s good, but it keeps happening!

It also happens on every Source game, I believe, its something up to Source, I never did any changes, well maybe SweetFX, but not on TF2.

Can someone help me please?

Never mind, I fixed it by typing using dxlevel 90 for the first time, then restarted a game then again used dxlevel 95 and boom. Fixed.