Low Quality Textures & Weird Spawn Menu

I’m experiencing some issues with the game at the moment. Back then, it used to be smooth (like 3-4 months ago). So, here are my problems:
I couldn’t find any solution on Steam forums or anywhere, I also reinstalled the game. So, please help.

  1. External games have low quality textures (Like CS:S)
  2. There used to be a “Garry’s Mod” section in Spawn Menu where I was able to spawn casual props like furnitures etc. (the items which are allowed in most of the servers) but there isn’t a menu like that anymore.
  3. Half-Life and episodes are full of ERROR symbols, no actual items or textures


Spawn Menu (Pay attention to left side)

The lowres textures are due to the fact that you do not have Counter-Strike: Source mounted in Garry’s Mod.

The spawnmenu looks perfectly normal, except for the fact that you do not have any spawnlists selected.

The thing is, I actually can’t tick those games’ boxes. Only Portal and TF2 can be ticked. I have them, but I can’t tick the boxes. I’m god damn frustrated. Is it because of family sharing? I was able to use those games with family sharing, what changed? I can still use Portal.

Does the old way work? Which you put the materials/models files into GMod’s addons folder.

Oh, damn you Valve. VAC banned accounts can’t share their libraries. My alts are vac banned (which are containing valve complete package etc.). Now i understand. Thanks for help.

So I have made some research and I’ve kind of figured it out. First, I extracted all of the material and model files from .vpk files in Source games with GCFScape and threw them into Gmod’s addons folder.
(Same technique as cs cheater.era.ee’s) I did this because i didn’t want to download those material files all over again.

It solved my texture issue, and I’m about to solve the other one, just right now.

If it is not out of rules here, i shall give a link about the second issue.

So, you are frustrated because you cheated and got your accs banned and now your textures are bad? I say you got what you deserve.

Uh, no? I have got 3 accounts and only 1 of them has Gmod, which is my main account at the same time. The other 2 are alt/troll accounts etc. Yes i cheated, but it doesn’t have too much thing to do with our topic. It’s about accessing to games in those accounts. Since I am Vac banned on them, I can’t share those games.

Not like “u cheated now ur textures are bad, burn bitch, bla flame, bla flame”

And I must say that I cheated in CSGO and got banned. Out of topic, you see?

It is on topic: read the terms and conditions, when you’re banned, you don’t have access to the content.

This is not a flame topic to curse/revile, giving his lessons etc. to someone who is banned, it is about solving a problem. Stop being a justice fighter for a moment and focus to the topic, it’s not that hard.

It actually is that hard when it is like this.

There’s no way around it, it is “that hard.” I don’t have any fathomable idea what you think I’m trying to do, but I’m just telling you that you can’t access the content.

You are the cancer of the Steam community. You are the reason why I dislike Family Sharing even though it is something that can be beneficial to families.

Morral of the story:
Theres NOTHING you can do but by the games again on your non-VACed account