Low Quality Wiki Articles

It seems the S&Box shitposting has moved off the forums and onto the wiki. In an effort to get key-noticed (?) people are creating random pages with little to no helpful content, or awkwardly editing pages with changes that make no sense.


See the above example. This is evidently from someone without key access (or access and very limited C#/programming knowledge) making an article and openly admitting that it’s probably not helpful, not really complete, and “might be removed.”

Who is this helping? It’s a guess based on a simple perception. Shouldn’t articles like this just be left to Garry or the people with devpreview tags? It feels weird.

Don’t get me wrong though; some articles are quite resourceful, such as the first flatgrass one and the IKChains one for modeldoc. It just feels like people are starting to spam-edit the wiki with information they don’t really understand to try and get brownie points.


Another example of a full, real change committed to the C# vs. Lua article, highlighted in red. No content, just a statement saying that for loops, quite expectedly, are different than for loops in Lua… is this supposed to help someone? Like… really. Is it?


I think it’s ok to be wrong since the game is still super early into development. The article will be updated when more people gain access regardless.

I also don’t like the recent trend of waves of people editing pages constantly to just move stuff around or rephrase it, with no actual good change.

Luckily this hasn’t happened to my pages yet because they’re perfect :sunglasses: , but I can see it happen a lot thanks to the “wiki” channel on the discord.



This was just added to the “Lua to C#” page. That article was garbage; now it’s even more garbage.


I don’t personally see this as being a huge issue, especially this early on. Wiki articles are typically intended to be changed and edited as people see fit - they’re a form of organic, living documentation.

I can, however, definitely see why some articles - mainly the C# API ones - are best left to people with dev access. Perhaps it might be a good idea to give some pages some form of protection levels? I’m not sure if that’s a step too far though.

The “Lua to C#” article is probably just there to serve as an entry point for Lua devs that are looking to see what C# looks like. Not as some be-all and end-all solution that everyone must look at before they even touch C#. It doesn’t need to be some highly detailed, 500-page document. There are plenty of other resources that people can use - perhaps this article could even be used to link to some of them?




This is true, and while I don’t disagree, some edits and pages are simply created in bad faith. If you don’t know what you’re talking about why are you talking about it in the first place - that’s the issue I refer to.

If my logic makes sense, the job of an editor is to share their knowledge with the ability to back it up. Making an article under the guise of “hey not sure if this is true at all” is kind of the opposite of what a wiki is meant to entail.

@snaileny I need a funny rating for that image. I still don’t know the context behind it.

Garry closed the issue Roblox34 opened: VR · Issue #77 · Facepunch/sbox-issues · GitHub



Deprecated tag works nicely for this one.

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Honestly I feel like FP should just close the wiki from the public for the time being.


I agree. Just leave the access to the people with keys.

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That’d probably be irritating for FP to keep adding individual permissions.
Realistically key holders shouldn’t need to change anything right now anyway, Garry was setting up auto documentation today by the looks of things.

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Hey hey hey, what about guides made for mapping, modelling, animations and particles? Those are all available with half-life: Alyx, you’d restrict Wiki access to less than 100 people?

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I have yet to see someone with Dev Access make or modify a single page on the wiki… Everything so far has either been made by the developers or people without access.
Me and a few others put effort into them, I spent 3 days working on my guide and I’m currently working on a new one.


all i can say is, what a fucking mess.

edit reasons are just devolving into a mess aswell


The wiki already knows your details if you log in, so why not have it check if you’re a rank ‘Member’ before allowing you to edit?

Turns out S&box will continue to use valves method from 2006 (.mks & .vtex) The only difference is that it will load in a new sprite rendering tool from HL Alyx / S&box

So the Particles page is accurate, My bad…

You’re referring to the “making your first particles” guides?
Those are using the particle editor that comes with half life: alyx, it is source 2 and should work on S&box.

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Restricting wiki editing to people who actually have access for now seems like a solid way to go around this