Low Quality Wiki Articles

Well that’s a trade off between adding people and moderating wiki content. The first one might be less troublesome imo.

Yeah, for the time being, I think wiki edit permissions for people with keys would be best.

Can you honestly say that those guides would not be better, when written by someone with S&box access?

If the wiki would be closed to people with access, there is nothing stoping you from posting your “mapping, modelling, animations and particles” and other guides on the forums. Once you have access, you’ll be able to update and submit them to the wiki.

It is an early stage of development and it is better for Garry and the rest to focus on the development and solving issues, rather than cleaning and moderating messy wiki.

Definitely, now to wait for one of them to ACTUALLY edit the wiki…

This wiki page was directly taken from the forums and posted on the wiki without the author knowing. Now I’m all for free knowledge and that the act behind it should be selfless, but it just doesn’t sit right with me to spend days on a guide only for someone with Dev Access to post it for you, which is definitely going to happen.

What’s wrong with the wiki right now? Yeah, some people troll or make stupid changes but those are reverted or fixed by people that actually care about upkeeping it. That’s how it is with wikipedia as well but they have actual moderators.

I can tell you that my guides have helped both people with and without access, as they cover topics for model doc and the animgraph, and I’m sure in the future more people without access will make useful guides, why you think intentionally crippling players with access is a good idea just because a couple of coders made humorous edits is beyond me.

Garry has been pretty hands off with the wiki, I wouldn’t worry about it taking his time, especially since all wiki issues solved themselves with time.

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I figure this is probably whats going to happen without someone fully dedicated to doing just the wiki.

Just saying, I “ported” the wiki article from the forums and let the original auther know that I did it, as well as credited them. I thought, people will still port assets from S1 to s2 in the future, so why not teaching those how to do it correct. If the majority feels that article is unnecessary and should be removed, feel free to do so. No harm intended :grin::pensive:

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Sorry you got caught in the fire, I was using that as an example because it was more convenient for my argument.

Ah OK, no worries