Low texture/model detail even video settings are set to high.

Yeah, I downloaded Research And Development for my new PC and I’m encountering with this stupid problem, all textures are blurry and low detailed even I have video settings set to high. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
There is some screenshots what they look like:



Ensure that “autoconfig” is not on in your command line.
Chnage all the settings manually in advanced.

Command line was empty, so there is no “autoconfic” setting. And I set graphics manually from advanced video settings. No luck, and this issue seems to be problem with all my source games, Team Fortress, Half-Lifes, etc.
I don’t know why it’s doing this. My video card is Radeon HD 6870, if that helps anything.

lol this is embarrassing, but in my Intel graphic control panel there is 3D options and slider between performance and quality. And of course it was set to performance, so graphic detail was low. Now I changed it to qualitys side and graphics seems to be fine now.
Thanks anyways.