Low Tide

Again not my best, but I always wanted to make an accurate Omaha Beach map.

the log ramps are backwards

I’m really digging this, but I’m not too sure why. The detailing and colours somehow just work well. My major problem with this is that the lower quarter of the picture is pretty much dead space. The picture would be better without it IMO. Probably could’ve also used a shallower FOV

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Also nitpick, but the sun on the sky doesn’t correlate with the directional light and shadows on the scene

The posing on the soldiers is wonky, the log ramps as Hoopty mentioned, are backwards, the sun reflection is out of place and the shadows as well, since the sun rises from completely other angle that the shadows are being casted.

Great use of blur and good colors. Also good composition. You could slightly adjust posing on what Roblixx said.