Low traffic locations?

I started up on a new server and made a base in the hills near resource valley, the problem I’m having with this server(higher pop than last one I played) even though its a day after a wipe there’s plenty of people running around there with m4s KOSing everyone around this area. I was thinking maybe far off the road would be best if I wanted less traffic, maybe hacker valley or wasteland west/north? So where do you think is a good low traffic spot?

I don’t know any, but thats a good thing. Odds are if anyone tells you they won’t be low traffic for long. It also varies from server to server.

The further away you are from the towns the less traffic there is, However, if the server has a high population (over 50) most likely there is no safe place to hide.
The downside to being far away from the towns is you don’t have access to guns, ammunition and blueprints. Best to get as much BP’s learned before moving far into the frontier.

thejuggla11, hacker valley is nice because you have a lot of resources and not so many people will be there. But it won’t help you not to get raided as it’s very common place to check for houses.

along the coast is usually a good bet, no one is going to be taking any shortcuts waterside, and there are plenty of rocks to hide even large bases at the edge. Usually no one will find you unless they are looking for you and even then its like a maze in some of those areas. I have one spot that has yet to be discovered by anyone, even on several servers no one has found or built in that spot yet. Also, its a short walk to resource valley and rad town

Staying up northwest of big rad tends to be safe. Across the servers I have played, the forest, big rad, little rad, radtown valley, resource valley, the hangers, and factory radtown have the highest traffic and fire fights.

While this is true, I find the towns I mostly just die unless I got on a naked run at night with a flare. I find red animals are a good source for BP the only downside is they don’t actually seem to drop guns, which the less risk of running into people while farming reds seems to be worth not having guns drop.

Raiding wasn’t my concern just not having a many geared people to fight over resources.

Thanks for input I’m now thinking about hacker mountain from what whood suggested, maybe beach mountain because I know that area.

I can attest to that. But building is more about staying low-profile, which finding low-traffic areas play a part in.

Usually what I’ll do when I find a potential low traffic area -

Check around for other houses. If there’s one or two small houses, probably an alright place. If there’s big houses, or a lot of small houses, then that probably means there’s a lot of other people living in the area already.

Find the nearest mountain, and build up there. Building on the main valley is sometimes required for a clan house, but if you’re going solo or with a friend, you can afford to build smaller structures that fit on the small patches of ground that you’ll run into up there. This is important since it becomes a lot tougher for wanderers to discover your house.

Optional is to try and map out all the paths leading to your house on the mountain. You’re most likely not going to find a spot that only has one path leading to it, so it’s fine to do this after you’ve begun building.

Final bit of advice is to stick to one-story. Houses are easier to spot the taller they are. One-story houses, with proper placement, can be quite hard to find.

So, in short, build small house on mountain!

Want low traffic its called past everust no one goes there cause its useless

Depends how far you want to run, but anywhere north of hacker valley or east of it to the point where you see no resources spawning the traffic is really low. Same goes for north / northwest of big rad town.