Lower Crowbar Damage

A small script I wrote when I got pissed off with crowbar dealing 50 damage.

Q: What’s this?

A: This is a small script that lowers crowbar’s inflicted damage from 50 to 15 on players (which means that the crowbar damage dealt to NPCs still will be the same).

Q: How do I install this?

A: Extract to addons, make sure there isn’t another ‘Crowbar Damage’ folder inside the extracted one!

Please don’t write stuff like “THIS IS AMAZING!!! /sarcasm” or something like that. This small script is for people who would put it to use and not for people who want to say how “AMAZIIING” it is.

It’s not amazing.

I suggest that you just make a set of console commands for modifying the damage done by every HL2 weapon, now that would be way more useful, and more suitable for general purpose.

I didn’t say it was amazing either. And yes, that is a good idea, I’ll try to do it.

hook.Add("PlayerScaleDamage","LowerCrowbarDmg",function(pl,hit,dmg) if dmg:GetInflictor():GetClass() == "weapon_crowbar" then dmg:ScaleDamage(0.3) end end)

I mean, not difficult. But I would do what Killburn said, add some more functionality to it like Convars or a matching Derma that allows you to set these values before releasing.


Isn’t this what the sk_* cvars are for? Or is that just for Player -> NPC damage?

I think thats only Player -> NPC

It’s OK. No need to worry about mingebags striking from behind your back.

cant you just stay away from the nutter swinging his crowbar around?

Everybody runs at the same speed

Good luck with that

running at the same speed doesnt stop you from staying away from him, and you probably have a gun

It’s easier to pursue than it is to run away.

How do you know you’ll always have a gun to defend yourself with?

You’re strange. There’s no point in arguing over this.

And no point in bumping this.

As if it wasn’t already on the top for the past few days.

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