Lower the range animals chase you

I did a test, i started at the Hanger near the coast and got a RED zombie (ones that run super fast) and went from the hanger all the way to the other side of the world. If you don’t jump on rocks they don’t stop following you… It’s fucking ridiculous, why bother putting them in in the first place if its just more work.

Definitely notice this issue myself.

For some reason after they “updated” the animals they became super fucking annoying like this man is explaining.

I don’t see any issues with wildlife chasing. If anything needs lowering, it;s the recoil on weapons. You can’t control it.

We need an aspect of stealth. If you stay quiet and sneak behind them they wont see you. Simple as that!

That could be better, being able to crouch and not get aggroed like with Deer & Pig’s… But with the non neutral wildlife & npc’s they just aggro onto you immediatly… And you can usually get rid of normal zombies and black zombies, but the Red ones are stupid. Even sometimes when you go over rocks they still chase you.

MrMeowers has a point, it does make you want to play more stealthily and i like that. But what they should do is either speed them up so if you get seen by one it means more, instead of just having it follow you at a safe distance forever.

Solid idea though (i’m sure 70% of players will just cry more if they make animals more lethal if you get seen by them though)

Possibly make it so animals do less damage, move faster, and despawn much sooner. This means they can see you, hurt you badly, but not be too much grief for all the care-bears.

I dont mind having animals and zombies do more damage, considering you cant actually solo one atm without some medkits and a gun. Id rather them kind of EVADE if they run too far away from where they spawned at like in WoW

you are doing it allll wrong my friend, pickaxes one shot zombies before they hit you

I’d like to have the more difficulty in mobs with NEW ones, found in different locations, rather than upping the hardness of existing ones.

But that’s just my opinion.

Pickaxes arent common, you can hit a zombie with a rock and you’ll do twice as less damage as it did to you. Resulting in you bleeding and having to run away. It’s difficult for new players aswell when they just constantly chase you to the ends of the earth.

you should browse through a few general tips and such threads bro, because how it works from square one is you get a bow, and use that to kill zombs / loot some rad zones, and once you have a pickaxe, then just use that. you never have to even take damage or use ammo on those things (beside arrows)

You need Cloth,Wood & Stones for Bows and Arrows mate. Usually those things spawn near radiation towns.

I don’t see what you’re getting at lol

I promise you don’t have to use guns and medpacks to kill zeds bro haha ask anyone on any server

well if a bloodthirsty monster/predator wants to kill you, if there is nothing to kill between you and it, its going to keep chasing you, unless you are out of sight.

what i think should be done is give NPCs a stamina level, but also give players a stamina level.

stamina levels are great if they arn’t done half assed like that shitcake WarZ.

A solid marriage between DayZ’s stamina system and Warz would be great