Lowered Resolution

I lowered my resolution because my computer can’t run this game very well, I guess, so I turned it down and now I can’t see sever names and a lot of the screen is cut off. (This happens for all resolutions below 800x400)

Then turn your resolution above 800x400.

D: But then I get like 15 frames.

Get a better computer.

wow really? not really a appropriate answer.anyways im sure you just need to check your resolution.


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How is that inappropriate? If he is going to try to run the game on a computer that can’t run it, then he needs to get a computer that can better run the game.

This is in no way a problem with the game. That is an insanely low resolution and you won’t be able to see shit in any game. If that’s the max that you can run with your PC you must be using something from 2002 or a netbook.