Lowering Facepunch's Discord security level

Discord already has enough data from their users and I would not want to verify my phone number. But because of that, I and probably many others can’t chat in Facepunch’s Discord server.
There are many other huge Discord servers that do not enforce such a strict security level and still are not (noticeably) raided or receive a lot of spam.

The Garry’s Mod Discord for instance also does not require a phone number, which makes it much more open. I think requiring phone verification is a bit paranoid or has there been an incident on Facepunch’s Discord server in the past that has caused this?

I gotta hard disagree here, the discord just had bots come in and spam things / DM people. S&Box is gonna explode in popularity very soon and you KNOW someone is gonna make the “GET A FREE KEY BY CLICKING HERE” bot that people will fall for


I personally have to have non-friends dms off for all servers, I get 4-8 bots a day DMing me “Hey can I buy your account”, “Hey I see you got the early support badge, can we trade?”, “Want to sell your steam account”, “You won (x)” so I completely agree with the point you made.

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I have mostly only seen PM bots and maybe only 2-3 per month. (Maybe some of you are in like 90 servers?)
Even with the current security level, bots can still privately message everybody (I think?) and see the members list to send friend requests.
Other huge Discord servers maybe mitigate the problem by blacklisting words that are typically used in these spam ads?

I would suggest to maybe try lowering the security level for now and if spam becomes a real issue, it should be set higher again.

I’ve also just compared it with other Facepunch official discords:
GMod (~60.000 members) does not require phone verification (verification_level 2)
Rust (~300.000 members) requires to accept rules and to wait 10 minutes (no phone verification) (verification_level 3)
Facepunch (~20.000 members) does require phone verification (verification_level 4)

The gmod and rust servers are open, but they’re pretty psychotic, especially the general channels. Back when I was on the fp discord and it was open, and it was pretty chill for being such a big server. I think in the end they’re just gonna reopen the S&box discord, which will be fine, but it’ll probably end up turning into what it was back in the day.

I don’t think lowering the security level is ideal. A lot of people come in to the Facepunch Discord asking for Rust unbans and immediately proceed to spam-ping and insult mods and Facepunch staff.

I’ve been using this service for pretty much all my Big-Tech™ phone verifications:

It costed me for my Discord phone verification just 3 cents. A small but sadly necessary price to maintain privacy.

Edit: But keep in mind that you can’t use these cheap numbers for 2FA.

I can only advise against this, because then your account is associated with an unknown phone number and you will maybe need to verify it again in the future and you don’t have access to it anymore or the owner of the number could recover your password.

I never had to verify my Discord account again. And even if, what do I care? I can just make a new account.

Well, if Discord is important to you then maybe you should just use your real phone number then.

I personally like needing a phone number. It keeps a lot more people out that would otherwise just be here to troll on an alt.

So what if discord has your phone number, all major tech companies have tons of data on you, giving your phone number to discord won’t hurt

It does, I practically never give out my phone number. It’s the same argument as saying that you have nothing to hide.

Both Facepunch’s discord server and the rust discord were experiencing consistent bot attacks and smaller organised scam attacks hence the security level was upped and has remained

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