Lowly Courier Stabs an Overseer

Working on posing, it’s unedited so if anyone would like to take a stab at editing it feel free.


no sense of motion. they look like posed mannequins or stiff robots

That was not what I was expecting.

What should I do to help fix that? I tried to get some more body sway into this one, maybe editing?

editing’s not gonna fix bad or weird posing

right now it looks like the scout is just holding the sword there instead of actually thrusting it in. i’m not sure if i can just explain here how to make his stance look more dynamic, but usually using yourself as a reference helps quite a bit. think about how you would execute a stabbing move like that, and pay attention to how your limbs and the rest of your body moves while doing it

Let me guess, Fallout? Yeah, me too.

Are you using the default phys files for the TF2 playermodels, by any chance?

Get the enhanced ones, they’re much better for posing.



How’s this?
(I felt I made the blood a bit too dark)

smudge tool is not for motion blurring

Spy’s head creeps me out.