Does anyone know if Lowpings.net has a monthly fee or anything because im pretty sure its not just buy slots and stuff for your server and then you have it forever without paying a monthly fee or annual fee you know what im trying to say? So does Lowpings.net have a monthly fee or not? Thanks because i want to get a server in awhile.

for Garrys mod its $9.99 a month or something in that range. I think you can pay annually also.

In my experience Lowpings isn’t the best provider.

I used them for awhile until I got my server hardware shipped to LA. They were ok for the price i guess, but it also depends on which hosting center you choose also.

Then who is the cheapest provider that has good servers?

Just as a warning, do NOT use Art of War Central. Their servers are extremely sensitive. I had a 6 player server and it constantly crashed, even with no custom addons.


Garry’s Mod Servers - Starting at $0.35/slot

wow must be an old windows driven system…


I would have to disagree, I got a 24 player server with many custom addons and a bunch of npc’s constantly sprawling about the map. It has a great up time and crashes are several hours apart. But I am having issues dealing with ‘Reliable snaphsot overflow’ and the server lagging when it has 15+ people on it. Can anyone recommend a reliable provider (doesn’t have to be cheap, my experience with xenon was actually less than art of war)?

Reliable Snapshot Overflow means there are too many entities around. The provider does nothing, it’s a Source problem. If someone gets that and wants to join again, ask people to clean their stuff up.

I use Xenonservers, they’re quite alright.

The only place I HAVEN’T had trouble with is Xenonservers

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