LS3: Carbon Addon

The Carbon Addon is a small addon for Life Support 3, allowing you to mine/extract carbon from the ground.

Status: Discontinued

Server: Details coming soon

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Latest Release: Beta 1
Next Release: Beta 2
Date (approx.): — (Do not ask)

Mirror 1: Systems.rar
Mirror 2:
Images coming soon.

Life Support 3 Core
Life Support 3 Entities
Resource Distribution 3
Spacebuild 3
A knowledge of how to use LS3.

--- BETA 1 ---
25th December 2009:
Release of Alpha 1 to Team Carbon members.

1st January 2010
Release of Alpha 1 to public

2nd January 2010
Release of Beta 1 to public

Bug report:
Model for Carbon Extractor and Processor may not show up.

– Team Carbon Admins.
[TC] Choppie [UK] - Contact Supplier, Website and Forum maker.
[TC] Cap Nick - Lua Coder and Modeller
SnakeSVx - Lua Code helper (Special thanks!!)

I don’t know what the point of that video was, but since this is release section where is the release?

Hopefully Carbon will allow us to avoid the huge mess of Life Support bullshit that was seen in the video.

I dunno I think Life Support should just be left to the developer. That way there’s not tons of extra addons from different people like there was for Life Support 2 and then trying to figure out how to get the resources for each new thing.

My LS3 wont work at all i just get spammed with LUA errors when i look at the entities

@ -TB- The developer of SB3, SnakeSVx, is working with us. And also, our addon makes it possible to create carbon like you can energy, you don’t have to get it from a different planet.

@ wotojosh Check you have CAF, SB3, LS3C, LS3E and RD3. Try and get the SVN if you can.

Release! Carbon Systems Beta 1. (.zip)

Mirror 1: Systems.rar (.rar)
Mirror 2:

(Sorry for double post)

Wow! This is brilliant. Downloaded.

Thanks! Are there any bugs apart from the one mentioned?

Nope. How to fix this models ?

We’re working on it. It is already in the bug report

I have got a question : how to make oxygen and carbon from carbon dioxide ? Is that even possible ?

Well plants can do it. also these professors are developing a co2spliter

Oh ok but what’s the purpose of carbon processor ? To pollute atmosphere ?

to heat it up