LS3: Carbon Addon

The Carbon Addon is a small addon for Life Support 3, allowing you to mine/extract carbon from the ground. The first public beta (or Release Candidate, the more formal use) will hopefully be released sometime in January 2010.

Server: Details coming soon

Sign up at our Yahoo! Groups for more info:

– Team Carbon Admins.


Why post a video that just shows a slideshow of text?

Why not post a video of the actual work that’s been done?

Edit: And what are you doing differently than what you can already do by editing a few lines of code in the base generators/storages?

Add a faulty toaster that always shoots out burnt toast.
It’s carbon, after all! :c00l:

Oh god, not more resources…SB3 doesn’t even know what to do with some of the resources it already HAS.

Finally, a way to stop Global Warming.

When do carbon offsets arrive?

This is not adding any resources, it is making better use of Carbon Dioxide, which is already on there.

Download is in this thread: