LS3: Gas Systems 2

It’s been a while since SB3/LS3 was released and it’s taken me ages to finish Gas Systems2. But, here it is. Anyway, on to the interesting stuff.

Those of you who’ve used gas systems before will know that it was quite easy to use and fit into small ships pretty well. The same thing applies with gas systems 2, except that, it’s even easier to fit into a small ship.

What’s New?
[li] New powered thruster tool[/li][li] Adv. powered thruster tool to let you set the consumption rates of your powered thrusters to create a more unique propulsion system.[/li][li] Custom Models (not insanely high poly ones either)[/li][li] New Devices[/li][li] 2 New Gases[/li][li] Less Bugs[/li][li] Pressing Use (E) on a tank will say how much is in it, in your chat (it’s useless, but I added it anyway)[/li][/ul]

Where are the links?
Direct Download:

What else do I need for this to work?
All of the SB/LS/CAF addons from snake_1_1(snakesvx) website:
You can also get them from where you can download zips of any popular svn. The system they use automatically updates all zip files every 4 hours.

Some of the gas generator models:

Some of the gas storage models:

Don’t complain that you can’t fit a gas powered system into your small ship, because you can:

Console Commands

GASSYS_MaxMultiplier - Sets the maximum multiplier allowed via multiplier inputs. Methane, propane, tritium and deuterium collectors are capped at 5x or less, regardless of this command.
GASSYS_TankExplosions - Disables/Enables the custom explosion effect for gas tanks
sbox_maxgas_generator - Gas Generators Limit
sbox_maxgas_storage - Gas Storages Limit
sbox_maxgas_thrusters - Powered Thrusters Limit (same limit used by normal and advanced ones) 

What Does Each Device Do?

Large/Small Methane/Propane Reactors - Make energy from methane or propane.
Large/Small Tokomak reactors - make energy from tritium and deuterium.
Tritium Inverter - Makes air from tritium
Deuterium Inverter - Makes nitrogen from deuterium
Methane Rehydrator - makes water from methane (hey, it's a game, anythings possible :p)
Methane/Propane/Deuterium/Tritium collectors - collects a particular gas. Requires a small amount of energy to run.
Natural Gas Extractor - Makes Natural gas
Natural Gas Processor - makes methane, propane, deuterium and tritium from natural gas. 

So, there you have it. Now Go Play! :slight_smile:

Still to Come
[ul][li]Powered Hoverballs[/li][li] Switch the generator/storage STools over to the RD3 STool code.[/li][li] Whatever gets suggested/demanded enough.[/ul][/li]
[ul][li]Pegasus - Small processed gas tank model/design[/li][li]Killers2 - For letting me test this addon on his server[/li][*]Snake_1_1(snakesvx) - for helping get this working with SB3/RD3[/ul]

Yay! It’s here!

At last! Gas systems! :smiley:
Great models too!!

Haha, in the first image the little machine with some blue on it in front of the massive generators looks like a coffee machine of some kind! :v:

Sweet deal! Downloading!

Sweet models, very nice!

IS THERE Any way to download Life Support 3, Spacebuild 3 and Resource Distribution 3 without Registering in

Thanks for the comments so far guys. :slight_smile:

So it does. Never thought about that. :smiley:

At the moment no. Maybe when snake_1_1 thinks its passed the beta stage he might upload it somewhere. Or, someone might ask him nicely. Or, he might read this. :wink:

You can download them from this website, the downloads on there get synced regulary with the SVN’s. So no out of date zips…


Thanks :slight_smile:


You even made custom models and they are so pretty and shiny!
Wery Cool mod.

Great job getting this out sorry if I pestered you about it. Also can’t wait for those powered hoverballs that override normal ones so I can have people making ships completely dependant on resources to travel in space (just like real life).

It would be nice to add chlorine,and all of its effects…

Syncaidius you out did what i thort it would look like good job mate.

I believe the wire output for the individual containers (such as the Large Deuterium Storage) that indicates the amount of resource (not the maximum or net) is not working at this time, the processed storage tank works find however.

I’ve fixed a nasty little bug where the gas collectors (those tiny, button looking things) would eat the O2 from your climate regulator’s atmosphere. I’ve also added a Methane Rehydrator on the SVN version now. It makes water from methane (don’t ask how, it’s only a game).

I’ll check that out in a few minutes. :wink:

Okay, committed the changes to the SVN, so the wire output problem should be fixed now. :slight_smile:

The large tokomak reactor has a problem with it around the center reaction chamber you can physgun through the model itself reaching through the other side but not dead center of the model more like a bit to the left or right also could you make the large one taller it seems very small for something that puts out so much power.

Got my download, from the SVN :stuck_out_tongue:


Love it, if only it would work with the Stargate addon… :frowning:


I like the first screenshot, the larger containers say “WARNING FLAMABLE LIQUIDS”. And here we are in the Gas Systems thread…

I took the chamber part out of the physics model so that it wouldn’t lag so bad. Laggy physics models are bad for any server.
I’ll think about the making it a bit taller thing. :wink:

In what way does it not work with the Stargate addon?

Yeah. That’s because it would come out as a liquid after being used, somehow… :smiley:

When using the gas thruster tool it says Create/update Thruster but it does not update inputs (as in buttons) for the thruster only resources.

Yay now off to build underwater spaceships eh Sync? Those models look sweet, oh and have a lua king :).