LS3 problem

i an having a problem with ls3, rd3 and sb3.

whenever I go out into space in sb3 I dont get the icon at the bottom that says “air 5%” ect, but I do get low gravity.

I do get the icon whenever I go under water. also it wont let me spawn grav generators, climate regs, dev plants or temp regulators.
I can spawn air regulators and link parts together as well, and all the stargate stuff works fine.

I have re-downloaded the latest svn off 3 times as well.

am I missing sompthing or what? please help!

i had this to i think i fixed it by removing all the ls2 stuff. so remove them for a bit so you can see if it works but also when i did that the stargate stuff didn’t work anymore.

No thats not it because i never had ls2 installed. Thx tho!

Oh i don’t know why but do you have CAF? (Custom addon framework)

Well I would suggest downloading the SVN pack for SB3.It has all the stuff you need.Tho we are not authorised to post links for the SVN.Just search for “Snakes SVN” in google and you should get the site!

Download everything from here:

thats not it because I have caf rd3 sb3 and ls3. I got it all off and tourtisesvn at the link.
thanks for the help though.