LShop - Beautiful Shop System

**LShop - **Beautiful Shop System

Hi, This system is Garry’s Mod shop system, It’s free!

Download LShop :
( Click ‘Download ZIP’ button! )

Bug Report here :
Update Log :
You have idea?, report here :

I dont see the pictures :confused:

Yeah, no pictures?

Since there’s no pictures, I went ahead and installed the addon because what’s the worst that could happen

Here’s what it looks like

There’s a tad too much white, but I’m sure that’s easy to edit and some people will be benefit from a free pointshop skin

Thanks! :slight_smile: :dance:

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I fixed pictures :slight_smile:

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I fixed pictures :slight_smile:

I like the interface, keep up with the good work.

Oh, thanks. :slight_smile:
Use this quickly!

“Ammonation” kind of bothers me

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I don’t think it’s a pointshop skin

If you play this right, this shit has REAL potential!

Good luck w/ this!

You are right, this is not a pointshop skin.

Looks very nice, either way.
Wouldn’t mind having it as a skin for PS aswell.

IMO you should make it so that the items/<type>.lua recursively include()'s lua files under folders that the user can define in the script.

Please issue your advice please :slight_smile:

Here :

garrys mod

windows 8 edition

Ha ha, I like metro design. :>

Looks great, it seems like it has a lot of potential since its just in alpha. Keep up the good work.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

You can look here update log :

Why’d the creator of the thread dislike my post about this thing’s potential?

He probably ran “shit” through a translator and misinterpreted it

wow, look very nice!

Here lot of ideas:

  • Shop System
    Discounts System
    — Every 60 minutes random discounts %
    — Holiday sales, ect.
    Items Rate System
    — Rate items and leave reviews
    Inventory System
    — Collect items (12 Kleiner skins, 4 shotguns, est.)
    — Drag and drop
    — Full item info menu.
    — Page support, 36 items for 1 page
    Trade System, like Steam trade
    — Ready check support
    — Ban trade for player
    — Item blacklist
    Items drop System
    — Drop time,item ~ random
    — Box system
    — Drop menu like this Screenshot
    Admin System
    — Give, Set, Remove
    — Admin report
    — “LShop Support” like Steam Support
    — Multilanguage support
    — Dynamic version check
    — NPC shop, who just open shop menu.
    — HATS
    — Able to paint objects
    — Category lua files, not all item in 1 lua file, base, gameitems.lua
    — Replace DModelPanel to DImage, this greatly optimizes store menu example at 20 fps, like this Screenshot


I like you :slight_smile: