Lt. Charles Lockett

Explosive Ordinance Disposal, with basic jump training. Attached to the 2nd Bomb Wing, out of Barksdale AFB, LA. Or at least before the portal storms.

I don’t normally do post processing like this, but I thought I’d give it a try. I’m better at textures, like the BDUs he’s wearing.

Posing is pretty good, he’s floating off the ground a bit, but the blood just looks pasted on

Muzzleflash and smoke doesn’t blend well with the picture, the blood is pretty good.
Also turn up your graphics to the max and make the guy stand on the ground instead of floating.

cool pose
question:what rifle is he using looks like the combine rifle from hl2?

Blood looks like paint. Last time I checked zombies don’t bleed paint.

Its a new breed of zombie, they help with renovating.

The blood made me laugh.


In a good way.

I quite like the blood, but it definitely looks like it should be in a TF2 pose.

AHEM… the slide of the gun IS NOT MOVING! u need to fix that add some motion blurr