LT Mark - Complemation

Complemation of almost all my work. Well not all of it

Early Poses

Not my pose’s but my edit’s

Some of the pictures here are amazing…
I’m speechless, some of the effects you managed to get are what I have wanted to make since day one :stuck_out_tongue:

You use GIMP or photoshop mate?


Some pretty good ones here. Have artistic.

Ohhh, btw I especially liked the one with the 2 combine, one engaging and the other hopping a table, the effect you got there looks amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

I see a picture I posed, and you edited, Still my background, Artistic’d

Holy…That was really good stuff. The Stalker one was my fav.

Awesome, are all these made with Gmod?

Naa, I bet he posed them in Hammer :downs:

Amazing, some of those pics you cannot tell what’s made in gmod and what’s not.

The Awesome flows strong in this one.

B-e-a-utiful. My fav is the one Mjans posed.
Messy piece of wood for you.

Complemation’s my word :argh:

It’s okay Vman we’ll find you another word…

Sorry Vman

Some of them are rad but some aren’t.

I know what you mean stea1th