LTB Vanilla Wiped 5/9/14

Tired of all the hackers and mouthy kids? We’ve got a server for you.

Welcome to Let Them Burn, a Rust community. Our server can be found by opening your Rust console (f1) and typing net.connect

Server Rules:

  1. NO homophobic or racial slurs in chat or voice chat.
  2. No Hacking or glitching.
  3. No griefing players at their bases for extended periods without raiding.
  4. No locking players inside their bases.
  5. No buildings over 15 stories high.
  6. No building in rad towns, where loot boxes spawn, or where foundations touch the water.
  7. Respect admin decisions.

Our admins are very active, and we remove hackers very quickly. We’re a mature group and do not tolerate the usual childish banter that occurs in many servers. Want to play the game the way it was meant to be played? Come check us out!