LT's Abandoned map pack Beta

Ok guys sorry about this, but my comp is fight a war with me. Pakrat did work right with any of the maps. So now its in two parts. part1 maps. part 2 models and materials. If anything is missing let me know so I can fix it. Remember this is only beta so its not the best or what they can become. I’ll keep working on them.

All the pic are here


models and materials:;13766337;/fileinfo.html

Awesome can’t wait to try these out!

Hooray! they’re out

Win. Downloading now.


Where’s this one, it looks AWESOME:


Also, they are awesome.

That map is all messed up it had a lot of problems

Awww shit.

Oh well, the others are great anyway, nice work :slight_smile:


Nice job. I love these kinds of abandoned sceneries/places, and you’ve succeeded in making them look better than decent. Great work.

EDIT: Oh look 1000th post.

Thanks guys

Man these are really nice… Downloading right now.

Awesome job! Got my download!

I’m so begging for that chernobyl-like map to be fixed soon :frowning:


thanks Glorious

For a second I thought you meant you abandoned the work on these maps.

I love these maps so much… I just generally like your maps.

I agree with those who think the chernobyl map should be fixed.

What do I need to play these? because on ALL maps There are orange textures and the water looks wireframe

Some models are missing. Trees, i believe, or something near forests.

My avatar describes these maps pretty well. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I should add NPCs to it ant make a cool scenario!

I agree with Uncle_Earl, there’s some stuff screwed up. I’m getting pink and black squares all over the place, and the sky is doing that weird thing where it’s just stretching the edges of the map.