Lua _ state

In need of to help urgent advice to choose meal solution.

An to question player of server - which Lua file to use find server, in which ability to make transform Lua.

Sv_allowcslua 1 however I’m to use module Visualised mirror sv_allowcslua 0 server.createinterface value. Mind games are play with the anti console help find a new lua

My time is come to find future lua file I can use on server. Must to requirements in able for Role play and fighting

See through the wall and to spot enemy player
Automatic lock player see eyes set eye angle and garbage to error
Speed boost to gain advance against fast charge
Find hidden item sign display

In a many days future I will finish file to help public imaging thermal I will send message use message board help water find lua file I can use lua to do this help with to gold knowledge.

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I have found to file that trust handshakes lua _ state and able to change

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How many times did you run that through google translate? Its incomprehensible

Are you asking how to bypass sv_allowcslua because a lot of what you said sounded like cheats to me.

I think we should make this like the speech on the Statue of Liberty, but instead for Garry’s Mod. This guy’s obviously been enlightened and has ascended now that he’s found to file that trusts handshakes, maybe we could all one day handshake with lua. Here’s to you, Translate Dude.

time to visit the Translators.
IIRC he is Japanese, so we currently have only one semi fluent.

We need to speak in OP’s native tongue.

This server not trusted by the client, the situation in the country … I want to say that I know the battery is a big part.


You know it’s bad when the bad translation makes more sense than the original.

“We will join together as a group , you need to tilt the our ears to the words of great iami9200 to reach the true strength . LUA we , we When you will be able to choose the advice of meal solutions , we , you is to rise only after the acceptance of the will , and to be able to shake hands .”

-Translation of The Glorious One’s scriptures