Lua Addfile generator

Thought this would be a good thing to share with everyone, we end up using it alot for our gameserver customers wanting custom content. This program generates a lua file which has addfile function for all the files in the same directory as the program. One thing, do NOT use this on the root of your gameserver it will make your players download a load of stuff they wont need.

Program is also quite customisable for other purposes, if you open the parameters.txt file it is in this format:

extensions to search for
Prefix of each line
Suffix of each line
Save location

The lua file it outputs is a unqiue name (does it off the date and time) so it wont clash with other files.


I made on of these with lua once
Was going to make one with C#…
Guess I’ll just make a better one :expressionless:

Didn’t Sadistic Slayer make one of these in the past? I wouldn’t know if its still functional for its age but it worked pretty well when i needed it.

Actually, I think this still works, too.

Yeah we had a look at some other programs, but they all had a GUI and such which just wasnt needed. Idea with this is you can generate it within seconds (We use this for our mods system on the control panel).