LUA and $surfaceprop


I made an mdl-Object and I wrote in the qc-file: $surfaceprop “flesh”
It works fine if I throw it with the physicgun.
But if I make an Entity (lua script with the mdl-objetc) it have no “flesh-sound”.
How can I fix that?

(sorry for my english)

what entity class you create in lua? prop_physics? prop_ragdoll? sent_xxxxx?
Did you tried to set the surface propertie after you created the entity?

Thank you for your respond. You mean ENT.Type = “anim” ?

I tried construct.SetPhysProp( ply, self, 0, nil, { GravityToggle = true, Material = “flesh” } )
but nothing happend… maybe “Material” is wrong?

try physobj.SetMaterial

Thank you for your answer.
I tried physobj.SetMaterial, I can change the material this that, but I hear no sound (if I throw it with the physicgun)

This must be a bug in gmod itself.

Scripted entities does not have the impact sound.

I tried it like this:
Spawned a prop, applied zombieflesh using phys prop tool with “flesh” not “zombieflesh”
Spawned a prop, applied zombieflesh using lua:

lua_run local ent = Entity(112) construct.SetPhysProp( _, ent, 0, ent:GetPhysicsObject(), { GravityToggle = true, Material = "flesh" } )

Physic sounds worked.

Spawned different Scripted entities from different mods, applied it the same way, using tool and lua.
Physics sound didnt worked, except one:
Only “scrapesmooth” seems to be used.

This is the surfaceprop define in surfaceproperties.txt:

	"density"	"900"

	"stepleft"	"Flesh.StepLeft"
	"stepright"	"Flesh.StepRight"
	"bulletimpact"	"Flesh.BulletImpact"
	"impacthard"	"Flesh.ImpactHard"
	"impactsoft"	"Flesh.ImpactSoft"
	"scraperough"	"Flesh.ScrapeRough"
	"scrapesmooth"	"Flesh.ScrapeSmooth"

//	"strain"		"Flesh.Strain"
	"break"			"Flesh.Break"

	"audiohardnessfactor" "0.25"
	"audioHardMinVelocity" "500"
	"audioroughnessfactor" "0.1"

	"gamematerial"	"F"