Lua-based gear/belt thing?

I’ve searched 2 pages of this thread, and am almost certain nobody has posted about this recently. Would it at all be possible to create a lua-based gear/belt reduction system? Currently, either Source or current gear props can’t handle shaft RPM reduction between two spinning sources without either a fair amount of lag or slippage at the first sign of torque on the output shaft. Is it possible to maybe control the speed of one shaft given the reduction ratio and the RPM of another in lua? If so, would someone be able to make a little mock-up of said Lua code? My Lua abilities are as good as my theoretical physics…

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wire mod motor?

Maybe I’m not being too clear. Is it possible to, say, identify the RPM of a certain shaft, then spin a different shaft at a different speed based on a ratio directly linked to the first shaft? In other words, if the RPM of the first shaft was something like 50, and the ratio was 1:4, the second shaft would spin at 200 RPMs. If the RPM of the first shaft increased, the RPM of the second shaft would increase 4 times as much.

You can use wiremod to calculate RPM. I have done it but I don’t remember how.

Also, Source can handle gear ratios and differentials and basically what ever you need. Just use the PHX gears, set the weight to 50000 and set the physical properties to super ice with gravity off.

I’m aware of RPM calculations and that gears DO work somewhat with a massive amount of weight and 0 friction, but if you ever wanted to move those gears? Not gonna happen with them weighing that much, which is why I’m wondering if there is any way to create a tool to imitate a gear reduction. I’ve exhausted all other possibilities short of making entirely new gear props and am now wondering if a tool would be a viable alternative.