Lua Bazaar


The Lua Bazaar is a NFP solution to Lua scripters looking for hire, and people looking to hire Lua scripters. Basically the Lua Bazaar is the Craigslist of Garrysmod Lua. As many scripters who are looking to make money may know, the “Lua Scripter Hiring/Recruitment Thread” is not the greatest way of finding jobs. Lua Bazaar is an elaborate solution aimed at providing a safe spam free service for scripters and people looking to hire a scripter.

The Lua Bazaar requires each person to make an account based on what they plan on using the Lua Bazaar for. While the Lua Bazaar may be accessed without an account, you cannot post a job or take a job without an account. There are two types of accounts, one type of account may only post jobs, while the other type may take jobs. An account type may be changed at any time, however you are unable to post jobs as a scripter, and take jobs as a job poster.

To keep the Lua Bazaar a safe spam free environment, contact information is only traded when both scripter and job poster consensually agree to disclose contact information. There is also no “open” communication in the Lua Bazaar, any communication that happens is between two separate people, and only viewable by those two people.

The Lua Bazaar aims to give a near equal opportunity to scripters looking to be hired. This is accomplished by a few different methods. First of, scripters are unable to post a advertisement for their service on the Lua Bazaar. If that was the case then someone who is looking to hire somebody will most likely hire whoever has the shiniest advertisement, and probably end up not posting a job offer. At the Lua Bazaar, people interested in hiring make a job offer, and the scripters have to seek the job themselves.

How it works
Lets say Bob is looking to hire someone to script him something for Garrysmod. Bob creates a new job offer. Bob describes what he wants in his job offer, he also puts the time frame he would like if he wants one. Bob also puts what he estimates the cost will be, if Bob is unsure then he skips that step. Bob’s job posting is complete and Bob can go do something else.

Now lets say Fred, George, and Sam are all scripters. They all are browsing the Lua Bazaar for some jobs so they can make some money. They see Bob’s job offer and are all interested in the job. They mark the job as “Interested” and a notification is sent to Bob telling him that a scripter is interested in his job offer.

Next time Bob gets onto the Lua Bazaar he notices that there are three different scripters who are all interested in his job and are on the jobs “candidate list” (Only Bob can see this). Bob goes to his job offer and is able to see their names. Along with seeing their names Bob is also able to view their profiles. On their profile each scripter had written information about them that would help job posters decided if they want to hire them or not. Their profile also has details on jobs they have completed in the past and feedback from the people who had hired them, and a list of jobs they are currently doing.

Bob decides that he wants to talk to Sam, and possibly hire him. Bob marks Sam as “Interested in hiring” and Bob receives Sam’s contact information, and vice versa. Later when Sam gets back onto Lua Bazaar he sees that Bob is interested in hiring him and then messages Bob. Bob and Sam talk, Bob decides that he isn’t going to hire Sam. Bob removes Sam from the jobs candidate list or Sam unmarks the job as “Interested” (Either works, same result). Bob then marks Fred as interested. (Repeat this step but with Fred, keep in mind that Bob can mark multiple people as “interested in hiring” at the same time).

Fred and Bob talk and Bob decides to hire Fred. Bob then marks Fred as “Hired”. The Lua Bazaar sends Fred a notification where Fred can choose to take the job, or not. Fred takes the job and the job posting is marked “TAKEN”. A few hours to days later Fred completes the job and is paid. Bob then marks the job as “COMPLETED” and the job posting i then archived for 30 days before deletion.

That was a theoretical scenario of what is being planned. Changes are being made still since the idea of Lua Bazaar is still quite young. However that scenario should clarify and questions you have, since it covers pretty much all features.

The Lua Bazaar job post section will be sorted in two methods, by tag or by category. If the scripter chooses to view job postings sorted by category then it is split up into categories like, “Weapons”, “Entities”, “SNPCs”, “Gamemodes”, “Donator System”, “Admin Mod”, ect. If it sorted by tag then the scripter may choose certain tags and they will get a list of jobs that have those tags. These tags are similar to categories. “Sandbox”, “PERP”, “Deathmatch”, “HL2”, “Serious RP”, ect.

More information
The Lua Bazaar is to be a NFP (Not for Profit) website. Any money it generates goes directly to paying for the website.

Please post your comments, ideas, anything. This WILL become a reality if you want it to!



This sounds awesome, I along with other scripters would for sure use this. Good work

I like this idea. Just design it well at least, please.

Like I told you over Steam, mate, I think it’s a great idea. I decided to mozie on over to the Lua Hiring thread for the first time in almost two months now, and holy shit. I could have sworn I entered a Fast Thread or something, there was so much off-topic discussion and drama. If I didn’t look at the thread title, I never would have guessed it was the Lua Hire thread.

I think this is a great idea and a nice, clean alternative. I really hope this takes off - both with scripters and with people who’d like things done. I really think it needs to be picked up by one of the gmod “tabloids” (what else would you call them?) like,, and whatever else there is. If it could be supported by garry himself, or someone else with high influential authority / development authority, I think it could really take off. A spot on would be bound to draw attention to it.

I really hope it comes to be. :buddy:

this is cool i guess, better than on facepunch

Seems more alot more useful than the Lua hiring thread.

I can offer free webhosting if you want?

I like the idea, it should happen! :slight_smile:

Totally agree with this idea, don’t give up!

I would love this
I could finally profit once I learn Lua now I have a motive to!

I’d use it.

I would also use it

Just thought of an idea on how to manage accounts. Use Steam’s OPEN-ID system so you have to log in with your steam account, and if you don’t own Garrysmod then you can’t post jobs/take jobs. That would make it more secure, and scammers can’t just make multiple accounts (Unless they have multiple Gmod accounts).

Downside is people might not like it. And ive met some people who think that if you login with your steam account on such websites, then the website owner gets your steam user/password, lol idiots.

Then again you don’t really want people like that on your website which deals with real money, so yeah.

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Also I would recommend keeping the jobs in your database permanent or at least a while longer, so potential new employers could check profiles and see completed jobs, maybe with some feedback from the employer (A+++++ Scripter would hire again)

That is a good idea, i was planning on just having a record of jobs they’ve taken, and from who. However keeping the entire job posting will allow employers to see the details of past jobs aswell.
However, if there happens to be tons of jobs, then the database could get rather full.

I’d guess ~50 jobs a month at the start. There’s always room for expansion after that.

Sounds like a great idea.

I’m interested to see how this progresses.

You can see how does things, it’s just about the exact same as your idea, but it covers more projects and doesn’t really do garrys mod.

Also, did you get me PM?

You’d better not be letting this one die!

Should have 1c bids on jobs, like Bob posts his job, Fred clicks bid for job and 1c is the current bid, John click bid and the bid goes to 2c etc etc, people probably wont like this but it’s a way to pay for web-hosting considering no job would actually end up going over like 5$ unless someone desperately wants it.

Just an idea, don’t flame the fuck out of me if your a cheap slutt.