Lua Bazaar

In my small, tiny experience, I’ve seen projects at a minimum of 5$, nowhere near a maximum.

I don’t see how this pays for web-hosting… I think your missing a point. Also, ive never heard of any job that only pays 5 dollars. Even the kids who steal their moms credit cards manage to scrape up ~30 dollars.

Sometimes you have very small jobs (for example fixing the ASS-Menu after the Gmod Update) which ain’t worth 30 dollars. Those would be one of that 5-10 Dollar jobs.

A respectable coder like Remscar opens Gmod for no less than $20

If any, ASSMod should just stop being used imho

Nice to see you King Flawless.

Let’s not start this here.

King Flawless and i <3

So… Is this going to go through?

I hope it does.


It going through in 3 months valve time.

So we should be expecting this in ~2 years?

You really suck at math.

Yeah,it’s five years to my calculations.
Anyway,sounds like a really good idea,can’t wait for it to get done,that might get me started to be hired,since I never did stuff like that.

On topic,
It will be done eventually, i have some other things i need to finish before i can set aside time for this.

I’ve tried to start a project like this that would be great if people contributed which sadly died.

Anyways, I’m here to give you some tips.

Make it look nice, not “too fancy”, using JQuery and Javascript to fetch scripts is also a good idea.

Use a good host or even yet, get your own dedicated/vpn server (Do not go with XenonServer’s webservers)

Have a bugreport/suggestion page, that either you make by yourself or link to another one.

Have multiple sections of LUA work to be done on, so it could be a module or lua, or huds and shit like that, sub-sections.

Making if effective and as efficent as you can, people still have slow internet and would like to use a website that loads quickly and doesn’t contain “too much shit on one page”

Having a “Report” button for scammers, having a “Record” of peoples work’s completed/cancelled or failed etc would come in handy for players to read.

Big one: Make sure the person logging in has GARRYS MOD and has over 400 hours in it. (I believe you need a public/friend profile for this ;/)

Email notifications of your stuff being worked on.

That is just pointless.

Add login through Steam to it, though.

Ok so, I’ll just make a steam account and start scamming people, 400 hours is enough for ANYONE to have, and any developer would have over double that amount, unless they’ve swapped accounts, etc.

Steam login is best, make sure people who pirate the game don’t steal other peoples business. Although, my friend is good at LUA with only 56 hours on gmod.

Anyone who knows another language should be able to pick Lua up in less than 100 hours

Having any arbitrary amount of hours in gmod doesn’t mean anything in relation to the skill or value of the person bidding for the job.