Lua/Binding/Hook Requests

You all regularly give me shit about not adding features/binds/hooks you need/want, so here’s your answer:

Post your request there and if enough people want the same thing I’ll (probably) add it.

Don’t post your requests here, they’ll be ignored, post on the site (posting here with a link to your request is cool).

What happened to your old bug tracker? What was wrong with that?

It was ugly, slow and unuseful

ugh this site is a pain in the dick. i managed to post one thing once, but every other time it just shits out errors and doesn’t let me post.


also the createragdoll for players could go untouched since it works fine as is. it would just be nice to have it for SNPCs etc.

A couple of pretty blatent and obvious requests that will probably be repeated several times:

Re-implimentation of HTML (New module), support for pl:SteamID() clientside


I can do requests, me. :buddy:

Site looks nice, I signed up.

The only sad thing is that I’ve seen 2 threads about “cutting tool” already…

and about 3 about “rope collisions”

I did the first request. :saddowns:

I know, but I like both. :buddy:

The site spams server errors at me too. Very annoying.

Ability to make our own server browser withing lua (Derma)

Link for more info

I like this idea.

Would be great. Would be extremely hard to do, however.

Inclusion of good modules within the retail version of GMod.

I think a lot developers will agree with this. Especially clientside modules would become very useful if the features of that module are available on every client.

The old bugtracker was more organized IMO.

I decided to be brave:

Writing your own Shaders for Gmod would be a lovely feature to add for gamemodes.

Yes please!

You already can! But you need to put a .dll in your gmod directory - it can’t be in an addon folder.

I don’t really know how it works, but I’ve seen Jinto do it.

Posted ages ago: