lua cache could not be downloaded server miss configured

I keep getting this error when joining servers lua cache could not be downloaded server miss configured. is there any way to fix this because it only happens to me.

The server needs to re-sync the FastDL. This is a server-side problem there is nothing you can do unless you can get in touch with the owner or someone else who has RCON access.

ok thanks

what no

who puts a cache file that downloads in 1 to 5 seconds on an alternate ftp

this happens when the client chooses not to download the lua cache file (just happens sometimes)
rejoin server and fix it

it also happens when the cache folder is deleted from the server while it’s running
server restart (aka: map restart) will produce a new one for clients to download

Can I plz just get an answer that makes sence I contacted the owner he says everything is ok but the owner is a douch bag so I don’t know if he lying or not. But what even worries me more is that it not only on one server now it on all of them I can’t fucking play deathrun darkrp Bhop climb not even sandbox

Then why do I get this error ONLY when I have not updated the FastDL?

Make sure you allow content to be downloaded (can be found in Options).

for some reason the options thing was turned off so it wouldn’t download problem solved