Lua cache errors

Hi, I’m trying to run a DarkRP server FastDL but the good ol’ cache error keeps coming up and no other forum is any help whatsoever so heres my current situation:
I have copied and pasted the .dua file to the webserver, didn’t work
I have symlinked the .dua file to the webserver, didn’t work
I have written the resource.AddFile to it, didn’t work
In my server.cfg I have this:
sv_downloadurl “
I have tried it without the trailing “/” and without the “http://” didn’t work!
and now I’m at a loss, the only thing I can think of now is permissions for everyone to be able to read and write it, but I’m not confident that will work.

Moved everything in the cache directory to the cache folder on fastdl?

There should be a 1 next to sv_allowdownload

Actually. I cannot connect to the site.

Yeah it is one file, and it was some gibberish the real site wouldnt work anyway not done the permissions yet, giving a last chance to resource.AddFile ( i have re-written it) and there are ones, just didn’t type them in on the post (obviously)

Ah! You don’t need to do resource.addfile on caches.

Type sv_downloadurl in console. What does it output?

it outputs: “sv_downloadurl” = “” ( def. “”)

  • Location from which clients can download missing files

The configuration is definitely okay. Are the permissions for the cache set to for World?

I don’t think so, I’ll do it now in FileZilla

EDIT: Okay I set the permissions so everyone can read, write and execute (777) trying now

EDIT 2: W0000000000000t It worked, thanks very much :slight_smile:

Too easy. They should be at least 664 or 644 or something like that.