Lua Cache Extractor

Usage: gluaextract <in folder> <out folder>

Before you post about this being a bad thing, if someone with malicious intent wants to steal your server’s clientside scripts they can without my assistance; this method has been well known for quite some time. The release of this just provides a safer way for the more law abiding GMod users to do this. Don’t post about how this stuff should be encrypted, because it shouldn’t and it simply won’t happen. Don’t even bother posting anything about CoderHire because nobody gives a shit. In fact, don’t post at all unless you’re having an issue with this, the less drama about x stealing x, the better.

Before I give you the download links I’d like to remind you, stealing is illegal. This tool is for legitimate usage only, eg:

  • Checking for malicious code on a server.
  • Checking for a server stealing your code.

Binary Download (Runtime, you probably already have this.)
Source Code


Thanks for this btw

hi how do i use this

ps sorry for bad english im romanian


i got error

i type gluaextrat cache out and it says “‘gluaextrat’ nu este recunoscută ca o comandă internă sau externă, ​​program operațional sau fișier batch.” which means it is not recognized as program or file

seriously please help

what have you done matt, what have you done…

provided a better alternative for something that’s going to and happening regardless.
would you rather only bad people had access or everyone had access to such tools?

hi can you please reply to my error

not every skid in garrys mod had this though, now they will


Because Garry’s intent for garrysmod was for people to sell stuff.

[QUOTE=Un;43609im going to charge my money back from my paypal because of denial of help

I quoted the wrong person im so sorry

Good thing skids can’t figure out how to use command lines then


i found out that i needed the pdb file so i opened it from notepad + + and searched for pdb i found this line how do i use it D:\dev\LuaCacheExtract\Release\LuaCacheExtract.pdb it isn’t there

If you’re not actually a troll, you don’t need the pdb file. You might however need Visual C++ Runtime 2012 if you don’t have it already.

I’d advise against turning this into a shitstorm like the last one.

It’s also probably worth mentioning that cache files weren’t always compressed like they are now. There’s nothing wrong with looking at clientside content. Lua scripts are no safer than maps/models/materials/sounds, and should be treated as such.

Hell, this is actually pretty useful for learning purposes. It’ll also be a pretty useful for calling out code stealing. Thanks for a useful tool, Handsome Matt.

i just downloaded it and it is in english now my machine is part english… it works part now it says not responding after it says " Converting 292 files "