Lua cache misconfigured :/

Well, My friend gave me a free FastDL I added the cache files on my server/cache (garrysmod replaced with server)But it still says that I got lua cache cannot be placed, Server is misconfigured or something like that.
Please help

Make sure ALL cache files are the same on both the server AND FastDL website.

Whenever you make a change to the server it is required that you upload the Cache from the game server to the FastDL

Not necessarily. Some files (server-side only, such as server.cfg, etc.) don’t need to have Lua cache synced.

I did put the exact serverffs(provider) cache and moved it to the fastdl/orangebox/gamemode/cache
no luck

I’ll make you a little tutorial:

Step 1. Make a folder somewhere on your computer, and call it whatever. This will be your cache backup.
Step 2. Take the server side cache files (orangebox/garrysmod/cache) and drag all files from there to a folder that you made on your computer.
Step 3. Once done, drag all files from the folder you made on your computer to your FASTDL server (NOT your server folders, but your FastDL folders), in the fastdl/garrysmod/cache directory.
Step 4. Restart the server.

Debugging: You said that you put it into fastdl/orangebox/gamemode/cache. THAT IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG. You are putting all cache files into the gamemode folder. You need to put it in the garrysmod/cache directory.

I accidently put garrysmod/gamemode But I did as you said and put those files into the fastdl/cache but it still does not work

This is how everything should be set up:
Server: orangebox>garrysmod>cache>ALL CACHE FILES
FastDL: fastdl>cache>ALL CACHE FILES

Also, don’t forget to add the sv_downloadurl to your server.cfg in your server’s garrysmod>cfg directory.
All you need to know is in this tutorial:

I did exactly what he did and it doesn’t work.

Follow this guide EXACTLY.

I saw that lots of times before I made this thread, It still doesn’t work.

The only problem that remains could be that your files aren’t synced. Make sure all files are the same on both the server and the FastDL.

By the looks of it, you don’t even know what you are doing.

All you have to do is download the latest cache file from your game server to your computer. Then, simply upload it to the “cache” folder on your webserver. Make sure it is the newest cache file, and make sure that you update it whenever you modify a Lua file on your gameserver.

It will work eventually :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is why I love symlinks :slight_smile:

When you join your server check the name of the cache file it is download.
Make sure THAT cache file is in the correct directory on the web server.

remember sv_downloadurl points to the garrysmod folder, so for example you should be able to go to files like this:

your sv_downloadurl should look like this: sv_downloadurl “” Or something along those lines.

got it to work ;D it was the wrong looking link

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