LUA Cache Not Updating

So i’ve rented a server with NFOServers and i’m having one of two options;

  1. Wipe the ENTIRE server and start from scratch.

  2. Figure out why lua cache files are not being force downloaded from the FastDL website.

Why? I have no idea. I was merely adding PointShop and some Custom Materials/Models when I restarted my server once and suddenly it stopped forcing players to download the updated cache files from the fastDL server. I have checked and YES the cache files ARE updated and placed into the correct place. It just suddenly stopped making people DL it. No I have not tinkered with the server.cfg file except for adding TTT convars in. I have contacted NFOServers and am currently on hold for their CEO to “Confirm” that FastDL is or is not working while i’ve asked to just go ahead and wipe it.

Before I get the chance to ask them to wipe it since I see no fix for it myself, I was hoping maybe someone here would attempt to help me out with it. What can I do?

One thing that i’m going to try and do is disable FastDL for the hell of it to see if it makes a difference, and if it does, it’s the FastDL server. (Troubleshooting FTW)

Last time I check with NFOservers, you need to “Websync” it. From your Control Panel, go to Websync, and then Sync. Then restart your server and you should be good to go.