Lua caching?

We sometimes do hotfixes on the lua on a running server. When the server restarts anything we’ve changed gets reverted even though the changes are still in the lua files. We then have to open the files, make no changes, and simply save them again for the changes to go back into the server again. Is there a cache or something or a command we need to run to get Garrysmod to stop referencing the wrong file version or its local lua cache?

Example, you have a money printer entity or a gun. If I change the amount printed each tick, or the damage per bullet, it updates in the game immediately. I restart the server and it goes back to the old value. Resave the .lua file and it restores the new value. Restart server, back to old value.

I had that issue too, after a game restart it was working fine again, still something that should be looked into as it really slows down developing(given it appears).