Lua Calculator

I made this little calculator, which is easy to use ingame and you can copy the value for quick usage.


hope you all like it :slight_smile:

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Has been done before…

Release Section?

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i know it has been done before, but i dont care.
simple as that.

Does this work on servers that dont have this? i would want to use this on RP servers when i price the shit i want to sell

It should work like in singleplayer.

that really doesnt answer my question…i understand it works in singleplayer, does it work on multiplayer servers that dont have this…also how do you bring up the calculator? i cant find it in tools or anything :/, console command im guessing?

Yes it will work, since everything is Client Side :3

If scriptenforcer isn’t enabled it should work.

He said it should work like in Singleplayer, meaning it’ll work the same in Multiplayer as in Singleplayer. It answered your question perfectly.

I have made a calculator too long time ago but its capable to calculate + , - ,* ,/ (divide) , power , binary conversion num -> binary , rounding , power 10 and squareroot. and it has button for copying the result to clipboard.

type “Scalc” to console

Download from my site : (simple-calculator)

In singleplayer, scripts have access to serverside and clientside because you’re connecting to a localhost server, so no, it did not answer what he was asking about.