Lua code changing

Hello, I need this code editing so people rank Admin can use it? At the moment, only super admin, head admin and owner can use it.
I’m using Evolve, so the groups would be evolve groups, please could someone edit the script to allow admins to use it?

print(“Blocking Dupes”)
function GAMEMODE:CanTool(ply,tr,toolmode)
print(“Blocked " … ply:Nick() … " from using duplicator”)
if(toolmode == “duplicator”) then
return false
//If you want you can keep adding in values as you want to stop more tools
//if(toolmode == “duplicator”) then
// return false
return true

Evolve already has a tool allowance per rank system built into the Ranks tab. It’s in a dropbox control. Just do it ingame. No need to code.