Lua Code help needed Medieval CityRP (gamemode)

Hello there Gmod community

Today i am posting this thread in hope to find an experienced lua coder for my new gmod server.
We are looking for a good coder to help us code our new medieval cityrp gamemode.
i am very new to lua and was hoping to find some help here.

The coder that is picked to help code maybe more than one, will get a shiny spot on our staff and be recognized for his/her effort

thank you those of you who contact me on this!

please contact through my steam group or email

group name : RedHot Roleplay

email :

So what, you’re the ideas guy? That doesn’t really work out.

On another note, I see cruma here. Don’t pay him for shit if he offers you anything.

Um actually it does work out we are on the way with it

I was going to help but my reward was getting admin.

You’d be stuck with learning lua or just modifying darkRP.

Honestly, learn lua. You do not learn lua and make a big project like that while you learn it, you do smaller stuff and work your way up. I’m sure you can ask any friend for ideas on weapon/entities to give you learning projects.

I very much doubt offering someone who has coded for you a spot on your staff will cut it.