Lua code monkey needed

I am currently running a Garry’s Mod server, but as always, there are complications. I would not like to publicly go into detail with what is needed, but it involves an automatic advertising system.
The available/required languages are HTML, JavaScript, Lua, and may need an understanding of Flash.

I will be paying those that can help a relatively large sum of money.

Add me on steam if you wish to help.

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I forgot to mention. I am not responsible for people dying of frustration trying to programme this system.

How large is the payment?

Also, why would someone die scripting this?

The payment is variable, depending on how much the advertising system makes. Potentially a fuck ton.

Many people have tried to make this, and failed, but I’m sure it is possible.

I don’t believe that fuck ton is a unit.

It is man, it’s called a metric fuckton for a reason

Uhhh, I’m suck of seeing this thread die. Add me on Steam.