Lua code samples needed for MIT project on automated programming, etc. $10 Amazon card out of it

Hi, I know this subforum is only really for Garry’s Mod related stuff but this is where most of the good Lua programmers are.

Anyways, some guys at MIT are working on a project to create tools related to automated bug-fixing, automated refactoring, etc. They are in need of Lua code submissions and are offering a $10 Amazon card for each submission. Here is the form which has more details.

This is quoted from the above linked page:


This seems like a really cool project

How come you don’t use code samples from Github, Maven Central and other such websites though? Copyright/licensing issues?

I should have probably went in more detail. What happens is they send you snippets of code that you have to make changes to. Overall it takes about 30-45 minutes. Also as much as I wish I did, I don’t go to MIT. I was just talking to one of the project researchers and he said they needed Lua submissions the most.

Thanks, Did one of the C samples since all the Lua ones were taken already.

Everything have been taken :confused:

They opened more submissions for every language. Anybody who couldn’t try before can try now.

“Unable to claim a lua sample, likely because they’ve all been taken”