Lua codeing teacher

Hello, i have been trying to learn lua and can not seem to understand the online tutorials into depth as i would like to. so i cam hear in search for a lua coder teach that would be willing to teach me for free because i would love to lean it. :slight_smile: thank you all and have a nice day (skype name: willwill1812) (steam name: ĐÅGOLD(ĆÃĢ)ŇḒ

No one is going to sit down with you 1 on 1 and teach you how to LUA it takes time and a lot of tutorials.

Like Velocity said, it takes time to learn it, and you actually have to want to learn it.

yes i do want to learn it im still using the online ones but i cant ask questions that will be answered right away.and when they are answered i would have forgotten the what it was for

You can ask questions here

And noone will do teaching for free.

I have all the time, but you don’t look like if you really want learn lua :confused:

yes i have been to this link before, and also you never know maybe someone will. and that’s what im hoping for

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gonzo i really want to learn lua im 17 and its harder for people to learn new things when they get older. but im sticking to it. also i am part of a couple communities that would like to have some new lua coders and i am really inspired to help them out.

Awe D: I wanted someone to say they were “teaching” lua, as in, if I asked how do you do X, they would say how, or offer code.

ive thought a few people before for free, BASIC lua, and told them the right path to follow

i am also interested in learning lua coding as well, and hoping to learn it for free. gem or gonza if u guys dont mind, i would love to learn how to lua coding!

i really dont have the time anymore when i done it i was unemployed now i have 2 jobs :confused:

Well firstly, WHY do you want to learn Lua? If it’s just because you want to make a lot of nice guns, it’s really not for you.

I’m teaching to him…At least he want learn…I’m not the lua king, but i would love teach the lua basics…And of course, for free (The knowdledge doesn’t have price…)

I’ve taught a couple of people before how to do stuff, infact whenever I am paid to do something I leave them on my friends list and I help them out with something if it’s no big deal. In complete seriousness your post does not tell me that you want to learn lua as bad as you say.

Sweet jesus.