LUA Coder looking to help with a PERP server

I’m a fairly competent lua coder looking for a perp server to help with coding. I can not set up the server for you, but if you already have it up and running i can fix most bugs / errors and such. Add me on steam for more information, or if your interested, the service will be free.


You are giving free Lua assistance?
oh god.
What has the world come to.

Haha, i feel like getting experience in other gamemodes besides darkrp coding wise, and i enjoy perp a lot so why not. I also support all the PERP servers popping up everywhere, i think it’s as unethical to charge people for gamemodes as it is to steal them. I’m not going to rant here though, so i’ll keep it at that. :wink:

It would also be neat seeing some of your work, so people would be a bit more comfortable with using you (;

Like i said, i really only have DarkRP experience, i mean i could show you code of some custom jobs and entities but i don’t think that proves much :stuck_out_tongue:

Only thing i could think of putting up would be a derma panel or something?

real work. Not shitty darkrp edits or derma panels.

I’m convinced he’s stupid or trolling. No real need to continue this thread.

I agree with wauterboi. he probably just wants a copy of PERP even though you can get it anywhere.