Lua Coder? Modeller? Map Builder? Tester?

I am currently in the process of making an RP server. (DarkRP)
And il be honest i suck at Lua, but im learning it.
However i need a team :slight_smile:
So i need:
Lua coders.
Map Builders (Maybe).
If you can do any of the above contact me here or on steam.
(Steam = Dickieee)

EDIT: Edited Tag To Request Because Lua Was A Bit Misleading In My Opinion.

A common issue raised in threads such as these is what you’d bring to the project.

Being the ideas guy or the project leader isn’t good enough.

I can map amazingly and test fine, I do warn you though, when I test I get lost in the game(not literally lost, the kind of lost where you’re like immersed and don’t pay attention to anything but the game) and ignore any attempts at contact so I might not get back to you a week later when I come out of my gaming coma.

Agreed. What’s special about this DarkRP? more than the other 500 threads of the same idea on Requests.

Same Happens To Me When Testing My Lua Creations Lol :slight_smile:
And I Know Being Just The Ideas Guy Isnt Enough, But Im Compiling A Full List Of Jobs, Spawnable Items With This Job, Mods That I Want To Be Avaliable On The Server And Just Generally EVERYTHING That Needs Doing, Im Also Doing All The Notices And Forums For It And Everything.
I Just Need Help For Modelling And Lua Coding. And Ofc Helpers Get Added Into The “Our Team” Section That Im Going To Make And Get Superadmin Rights.
Im Fixing The Stunstick Error On My Server And I Have The Models For A Key Swep With Turning Hands :open_mouth: But I Need A Lua Coder To Help Me Direct It To That Model.

TheStaticAge Contact Me On Steam? :slight_smile:

Just A Tip: Try Not To Type Like This All The Time. It Makes What You Are Typing Incredibly Difficult To Read When Someone Has Been Looking At Code For The Last Three Hours, And If They Can’t Read It They Aren’t Going To Always Want To Help You.

I added you.

does it? my bad :slight_smile: i’ve typed like that for about a year now lols, anyway il keep it lower case for coders then (Y).
and TheStaticAge il talk to you on steam next time im on.

EDIT: Still looking for lua coders and modellers.

Grammar Lesson :eng101:
Always capitalize the word, “I”. Capitals start every sentence. Periods (.) end every sentence.

Yeah I know that, seeing as it’s the internet after all usual people dont care, I am good at English but I only do my writing properly if it’s an essay or written on paper.

I can test, and i got some experience in lua. My steam is czmate10 add me if you think

Idea guy = flame target. Learn to map yourself, and then give out details, and show us some of your work, so we know the quality of work for who we’re working for, and know he’s contributing. Mapping is pretty easy. I’m no mapping god, but you can add me on steam if you want me to teach you the basics: Taconinja1995.