Lua coder needed: LR (L4DRP) Gamemode

I’m calling out to anyone who can script us a good gamemode for Lost Resort, the L4D based RP being started by me and a few friends. The project is going along well, but we need an RP script and a server (server is being sorted though).

I would like some of the following:
•factions (admin set, not like darkRP’s)
•fist starting SWEP’s with melée ones and the rare gun to pick up.
•Special infected player models
•Claw SWEPs
•A L4D style red screen effect for infected
•Survivor models & edited citizen player models.
•A cool UI

and what have you done on your own that makes this not another [noparse]“LOLOL I HAS IDEA FOR GAME MODE BUT WANT SOMEONE ELSE TO CODE IT FOR ME LOLOLOLOL :DDDDD”[/noparse] Thread?

I am just a terrible coder. I have a plot-arc, a map in progress along with another ready in the meantime, a forum and a friend who is in the process of finding a server.

well first of all, you need to find all the weapons and models, if you can’t no-one is going to do that for you.

I had a list of them somewhere, need to check later.

What does said Coder get in return?