Lua Coder Needed! Paying - 50-150 USD

You must be experienced in Lua and such. Show me some of your work, so i can see your skills more clearly… I need, probably, 3 things… I will pay more depending on your work.
I need a Custom Chat (Picture in the Background possibly?), Model Coding (Will Explain More Later…), and a Custom Shop (Will Pay ALOT more for this. Needs to have a Great Vgui)
Reply with your skills. I hope someone will take this job… :stuck_out_tongue:
Almost forgot… This is for Deathrun…

Job Taken.

You’d probably be best off posting your steam profile so people can add you.

Ah, I’m such an idiot. Here it is…


Sorry Sneezed

(User was banned for this post ("Spam" - Craptasket))

Was that supposed to be a joke?

Also, OP, there are awesome custom chats already on