Lua Coder Needed. Paying.

I want a game mode of a Theme Park. There are rides: roller coasters, water slides; restaurants, parks, streets.

People are dressed nicely. When you join, you can make a profile like in HL2RP and choose many models, even kids (

You can type and mic speak. When you speak, I want a speech bubble on top of your head.

You walk around doing rides, and shift to run.

You meet friends, talk. You can sit down at the restaurants and eat. The chairs are interactive.

I want a menu of where you can get hats, costumes, dresses. NO TRAILS.

I have this all planned out, please reply with a price you will do this for!

A mapper is needed to make this too!


That’s a good deal, I’m also waiting for a mapper to sign up.

Mappers needed :

Ill do the mapping for an extra $500. Paid in advance.

Good luck with this, this seems very unique, but also very time consuming.

I’m totally gonna try that out when it’s done, and when I get in I’ll be sure to die at east once at every attraction.